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5 Custom Kitchen Cabinet Trends

May 7, 2017

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you want to incorporate trends without being overly “trendy.” When you try to incorporate all of the latest trends in your kitchen cabinet design, what you may end up with is a kitchen that looks great this year and quickly goes out of style. By incorporating both timeless style and current trends into design you can create the kitchen of your dreams that lasts for years and years to come. Below are 5 trends you should incorporate into your custom kitchen cabinet design.


1. Transitional Style
• Transitional kitchen cabinet style is a happy middle ground for those that do not want to commit to one particular/distinct style or another. It is a great way to keep the style of your home neutral so that, should your décor style change, your kitchen cabinet will be able to “transition” to a different décor aesthetic. Transitional style has a streamlined, no-frills style. Simple lines that aren’t overly modern, overly traditional, or overly rustic allow your style to remain beautiful yet neutral.
2. Creative Storage & Organization
• Gone are the days of just wanting a basic cabinet with cabinet door and drawers that pull out. While those are essential functions of any kitchen cabinetry, homeowners want more. They want creative storage options and the ability to better and more efficiently organize. Unique silverware storage, better trash storage, organization for things like spices and various sizes and shapes of cookware, and more provide the custom, personalized feel that homeowners want.
3. Contrast or Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets
• Homeowners want their kitchen to feel beautiful and unique and many are opting for contrasting or two-tone kitchen cabinets. Often, homeowners opt for a darker color on the bottom and lighter color upper cabinets. Or, they choose to have all wall cabinetry one color and the island is a different color.
4. Light Colors Still Reign
• The trend in light color cabinetry is not going anywhere. People love the open and airy feel that lighter cabinetry provides and there are many different styles to suit any architectural or décor aesthetic. Though white is one of the most popular options, it is not the only one. Some homeowners are opting for off-white and light gray for a different spin on the trend.
5. Glass Doors
• Homeowners are loving the look of glass doors, particularly for a select amount of upper cabinets. Not all cabinets have to have glass doors, you can strategically choose to just have a few with glass doors that display some of your more beautiful dinnerware, glassware or other items. Additionally, it gives the kitchen a more open and spacious feel while adding visual interest to the overall cabinet design.

3 Advantages of Installing Custom Cabinetry

March 20, 2017

There are few things that can transform a home more than cabinets. If you walk into a kitchen and it has outdated cabinets, no matter what other features the kitchen boasts, it will look outdated. If you are aiming to achieve a Zen “spa-like” bathroom and your bathroom has rustic cabinets, the right look will not be achieved. Today there are many options when it comes to choosing cabinetry. There are pre-fabricated cabinets that simply get hung, there are DIY options from big box stores that you have to assemble and hang or can pay a contractor to assemble and hang for a fee, or there is custom cabinetry. The problem with prefabricated cabinetry or DIY cabinetry is that you have a limited amount of options when it comes to size, style, color, features and more.  Custom cabinetry offers a variety of advantages over any other type of cabinetry and is ideal for a variety of applications including remodels and new home builds. If you are in need of Phoenix cabinet suppliers, Cielo Custom Cabinetry will work with you to design the custom cabinetry of your dreams. Read more »

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